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Alter- Ego

I've been wondering why we don't see people using alter egos in media or in general as much as we used to and the idea of breaking down how to have an alter ego came into my mind.

Welcome back to my blog, today I want to talk about manifestation techniques since we technically already went over controlling your mindset (which I feel can never really end, but here we are).

I present the alter ego. In basic explanation this is a person's secondary or alternate personality in which they may implement whenever they choose. To manifest and use this to our advantage is actually very rewarding, because it uses the law of assumption and the law of attraction at the same time giving you the results you wish to see a lot easier.


Law of Assumption= What you assume to be true, is true.

Law of Attraction= What you feel is what you attract into life.

Steps to Creating your Successful Alter Ego

  1. Brainstorm: What qualities do they have? What is their life like? What do they do?

  2. Imagine: If you can imagine it then you can have it, so start imagining how it would be and the outcomes.

  3. Action: Take the information you brainstormed and start using them in some of your day to day activities.

  4. Be genuine: genuinely take your alter ego for who you are in the moment, this allows you to have the feelings that the alter ego may have and do the things they do.

  5. Outcomes: Doing these things will attract the outcomes that the alter ego already HAS, so don't stop being the alter ego once you get the desire as it may deter it away from you. (Unless you use the law of assumption to confirm that it won't *wink wink*)

I hope you have amazing results from this week's blog, I'm out, and I'll see you next week, right? - Ariii:)


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