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For those that worry.

Why do I worry so much? Is there really anything to worry about at all or am I just creating another thing for my mind to do?

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's blog:)

I hope you're doing well today here is a mini something for you :





















And I hope you're hungry because this blog may just fill you up.


I want to talk about how we as people tend to worry about a lot of things but have we ever asked ourselves, why? I mean that bill or test coming up may be a very sufficient reason to worry but this article is going to help you overcome it.

  • Let me introduce you to my personal opinion on thinking/stress: Its a hobby

Many of us tend to either overthink or not care at all about the things that surround us and from my perspective the thinking part is just something we like to do, even when it has its bad moments. We do it every day from the time we wake up to when we fall asleep, so why shouldn't we use this hobby to our advantage? There is no reason not to, yet we continue to allow the things we worry about to have so much impact on us.

Now let's change our hobby just a tad.....

I challenge you this week to only worry about the good things in life, that means even if you're feeling down, unmotivated, and negative, focus on even the smallest of good things like having a home, hot water, and food. Don't give your mind something to do instead give yourself something to feel good about.

And remember no matter what you believe in we all have a purpose and there is a reason for the things that happen. All is in the will of a higher power and that power is favoring in what is best for you no matter what the circumstances may be at any time. I hope this concept helps you along the way of navigating your mind.

If you tend to fixate on the opinions of other people, then stay tuned for next week ;)

Thanks for tuning in my loves. Until next time

- Arianna

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