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Just Switch It

You don't like your circumstances? Just switch it!

Hello weekly readers, today we are going to go over how to get rid of situations that we don't like.

I know that I have went over this in other blogs lightly, but this blog is a little more detailed. When it comes to actually changing your circumstances it consists of what I like to call DAD: Deterring, Action, and Detachment.


(This entire explanation is going to be based on a false circumstance, and together we will break apart how to use DAD. )

"I hate that I don't make enough money to sustain my wants. I can only afford my needs; I'm upset every day and I don't know what else to do." Now first we are going to deter ourselves from this idea that we are in lack and that everything is working against us, because in reality everything is working with us for the best possible outcome. Realize the things you already have and live in the feeling of having enough money to provide for both your wants and needs. This is deterring your mind away from the negative ideals that we do not want and focusing on the positive versions of what we do. After we have deterred our thoughts from such horrid ideals, our next step is the action.


Now you don't "think" you're in lack anymore, but what now? Well now the best thing to do is focus on what you do have, and be grateful for the moment you're living in because you're blessed to even have the opportunity to read this blog. You could even take the time to make pathways for more blessings to come in, as a wise woman on YouTube said just like rivers need pathways for the water to flow, so does money. Her name is Jaelyn, and she produces many videos on how to create blessings within your life.


This is the simplest part of DAD because all it takes is not attaching yourself to the outcome. Be aloof about what you want and expect it as what you deserve, this is the best form of detachment (in my opinion). The rule of thumb is the more detached you are the better you feel and the better the outcome.

Thank you for reading this week's blog post, I want to tell you that I love you and to keep going in whatever direction is in your heart. You can never go wrong with what's meant for you.

-love, Arianna:3


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