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Navigating Your Desires

Normally when people want something they continue to think about the lack of that thing in their life, but i present, what? another new idea.

In the moment you may feel

discontent as your desires aren't currently in front of you and this is what we want to work on.

In Latin the word "Desire" translates to "of the father" in which to me represents that there is a higher power guiding you to what is already yours. For all my people who don't practice any faiths/ religions then i'd say it's like a premonition of what is to come for you.

If you use your desires as things that are already yours and will come to you, then there is no room for discontentment. Therefore giving you the space to live in abundance and joy.

When you have mastered living in the space of contentment then there is no limits to where you can go or what you can have.

Let's put this into practice: this week I would like you to try being content in the moment and grateful for what you already have. Allow that one nagging desire to sit in your mind as something that is meant for you regardless of how, when, what, or where.

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