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Reality is Awful!

Hello everyone, todays blog is going to be an analyzation of Black Mirror's first episode of season six to how we see ourselves. I recently dissected the deeper message of what the show was trying to convey, so now here I am making it relate to our common interest: what the mind can do. (Spoiler warning!)

As the episode begins everything is normal, the woman goes to work, has a boyfriend, and lives as in a "regular" world. Come to find out this Netflix replica is making a show about her entire life as an awful person which leads to my first point:

  1. We as people are intrigued by the negative because that is what we feel we may be/ are deep down for example : some wouldn't feel as emotionally drawn to watch a show that says: "Arianna is Amazing!" they would watch the version that is more palatable in their mind, hence "Arianna is Awful" being more appealing in the show (try it with your name and see the results).

This was studied psychologically by the bad guys in the show, and their goal was to create many shows curated to the viewers experiences. In terms of understanding the mind it made me think about how a lot of people tend to view themselves negatively deep down and aren't interested in the brighter side of things.

Now let's talk about how not to fall for the negative manifestations of entertainment and actually view yourself in a high regard. (Enough to want to see a show where you do amazing as always ;).)

I am not here to tell you that having a good relationship with yourself is easy and neither am I telling you that have to fix anything to begin with but here are my tips for self-love, seeing yourself as great, and actually implementing those ideals within your lifespan.

  1. Mental Diets: Be careful of what you say to yourself, how you treat yourself after doing something bad or good, how you allow yourself to act, who you allow in your circle, and write down what you want to see from you, you're more likely to stick to a list of orders for yourself instead of wishy-washy ideas that stay on your mind.

  2. Body: Everyone has their ideal looks and body that they may want to achieve but the hard part is learning to accept the version that exists right now. You only get one and that version is going to either keep you in the same situation or put you in a different one. So, learning to understand the idea that your body is built for what you're meant to experience does wonders in helping overcome insecurity and unacceptance.

  3. Making it a reality: Truth is, changing your old beliefs about yourself takes a lot of patience with yourself. You'll need perseverance within your goal/s and effort, which a lot of people may not want to do. In return they end up reliving the same comfortable/ uncomfortable situation regardless of their "wants" to change.

The ball is in your court, will you throw it?

I hope you enjoyed this week's blog, have a good time! - Arianna :)


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