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Short and Sweet

What does your internal dialog look like?

In todays blog we're going to talk about how to speed up your manifestations! And just like the title it will be short and full of abundance;)

When you want to speed up a manifestation you should start by making your thoughts match with shorter explanations, shorter affirmations, and etc.

What I mean by this is to make what you want a smaller thought, for example:

I want a iced tea with lemons and strawberries. But where will I get it? Can I afford it? Do I even have tea at home?

Would turn into:

My iced tea is always perfect for me .


I don't have to try for the perfect iced tea because it's already mine.

A shortened affirmation, would go from I have the perfect life to my life is perfect.

Removing the small, even silly details allows for what you want to manifest faster, because the conscious isn't stressing about what's there and what isn't. Hence the overall goal of existing within your manifestation instead of thinking yourself out of it.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog, i'll see you next time- Arianna:)


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