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The Art of Focal Points

What you focus on is an ability that needs to be learned instead of just put into motion because our mind likes to wander around and to focus is staying in one place.

I have been having some writers block this week and it wasn't until 5 am this morning that I even came up with this blog. It took for 5 mini meditations, a good night's rest and ASMR video for me to even have a paragraph written in the notes app on my phone.

And then it hit me

all this stressing about what to write, is what to write....

My foundation is that what we focus on is what will come about. As in the fact that I focused more on the idea that I had nothing to write instead of capitalizing off of that idea and seeing it differently. Which I am doing now of course.

Moral of the story focus on what benefits you.

This is a short and sweet blog since I am still not sure what is happening for me around now, lol.

-Ariii, until next time :)

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