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The Fragrance Effect

Have you ever had those experiences where someone just loves the scent you carry? They are most likely to follow you around the store and ask: "what perfume is that?" and/or "I want to get this for my SP (significant person)"

If not that's okay, this is what my blog is for.

Today I want to talk about a manifestation technique that I use every day and don't have a name for so, I will just give you simple instructions. :)

  1. Go to a store; get a perfume, cologne, scented oil, and even a scented lotion.

  2. Pick a scent that matches your goal, who you are, and/or what you're trying to manifest.

  3. With that scent and goal in mind, write down or say in your mind what you want the scent to do for you.

  4. Wear the scent and watch as magic happens!

  • I will give you an example and my success story to describe my instructions in more detail.

I recently purchased a scent on Amazon which I call my fantasy and you can shop at the link below.

After buying this scent I wasn't sure what I wanted it to manifest for me, but I still used it, and it didn't

give me any results until after I set my manifestation. I ended up choosing success and fun as my goal and I held the bottle in my hands, closed my eyes, then said in my mind "this scent will give me all my dreams and attract only successful outcomes in my circumstances.". After stating that I noticed that the bottle began to spray differently, which isn't much of a change but that's not the end of my story. I went out with my friend that day to the beach around 5pm which is normally a 2-hour drive, we got there at 6, had the most fun ever, and I got home by 8pm. If that's not success I don't know what is.

Have an amazing week my lovely readers, until next time! -Arianna;)

by the way, don't spray too much and end up like this.


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