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The Power of your Mindset.


Most people think that our mindset doesn't matter when it comes to our day to day lives or that it's simply a matter of environment and circumstance. But this new idea that I present to you completely irradicates that, so if you have a hard time changing your mind, I still think you should continue reading the rest of this article. The goal of this is to get you to understand how your thoughts affect the quality of your life. Our brains have conscious, unconscious, and subconscious sections that "separate" the levels on which we understand our surroundings. What you consume within your life like TV, relationships, food, songs, and this blog will affect your thinking process, leading to what you and I may call "reality". Our existence is only made up of our thoughts as Buddha has taught many years ago, which evidently supports this introduction.


Now that you understand where your power comes from, I am going to tell you how to implement this in your life (the easy way).

  • First you want to realize that you are the only person that has complete control over how you think, react, and do, so ask yourself "what are my wants out of life?".

(For example, say you want financial freedom)

  • Second, identify the things you can and will do to achieve what you're looking for while making sure to be realistic with yourself.

Doing this will not only allow you to actually put your desires in motion, but also change your mindset into making what you want achievable.

  • Third, go on a mental diet. This will consist of you not allowing bad thoughts to affect you and allowing good thoughts to replace them (or no thoughts at all/ meditation). For example, bad thoughts may consist of: "Making money is hard." and "A regular person like me can't possibly get rich." but good thoughts would be counteracting that idea allowing for your desires to be most potent within your conscious mind. For example: "I can easily get rich because in today's world anything is possible."

As you change your thoughts this will allow for your subconscious to agree with you, which will then solidify into reality. But don't think that this is some instant gratification scheme because doing this requires consistency with your mindset and faith; you'll get the millions of dollars that you want so badly.

Thanks for tunning in this week! - Ari;)

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