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Yin and yang

Within our struggles there are openings for success, just like within the good there is bad.

Today I want to talk about how our blockages can actually be an opportunity instead of a hinderance.

Each person has their own unique situations which affect them differently but with those effects we almost always choose the outcome. If you begin to choose success as your only outcome, the things you do will subconsciously lead to that reality. Even if you don't believe in what I just said being possible, choosing success as your outcome will consciously make you decide to act on that end goal.

Now that we have gone over the brain part, let's talk about using this in situations that we think cause disharmony:

  1. -Remember your ultimate mottos, ideals, or affirmations like: "success is my birthright"/ "dimonds are made under pressure"

  2. -Success is mental, there is no specific/ perfect way to be happy within a situation because everyone has a different perception on what creates that. So your most logical counter action is seeing the success you currently have or understanding the perfect rewards you will endure.

3. - Create situations where you will see success daily and focus on them. This will allow you to build trust within yourself to follow through in your word. Thus creating the perfect mix of mind body coordination that then attracts the.....PRIZE!

To end this blog: in every problem there is a solution and if there isn't one, you mustn't continue stressing about the unchangable.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog, i hope see you again soon...-Arii;)

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