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You're in the wrong place

Have you ever thought that you seem to be stuck in a world that's moving without you? Why everyone else seems to be happy but you're not?

Look here! It's the answer you've been looking for.

It's possible that you are stuck while this world is moving with/ or without you but if you don't get up and be the change you want to see, then those thoughts of yours actually exist. Have you heard the saying there's no such thing as no, you're just asking the wrong person? This also applies to yourself.

If you want is not reflecting back to you in your world than the most optimal answer is that you're asking the same person (undesirable version of you) to do something that they do not feel right doing. You must prime yourself to be the desirable version of you so you can experience all you crave for. You may not want to put effort into such changes, but at least getting used to being in the space of accountability gives you a power that school didn't teach, control. This control comes from the ability to shapeshift yourself into what you want to be and/or accepting what you already are. Overall using these ideas will give you understanding, and did I mention whatever you truly desire?

Realizing that you are the only person whose suggestions matter (in all factors!) not only changes how you perceive the world but how everything else around you reacts. For example, Greg Thomas had stage four cancer and decided to build a church upon his faith, miraculously he was cured after doing so. This goes along with the law of attraction and how whatever you focus on/ give to will give back. People in faith fully believe and perceive that what they study is correct without a doubt therefore it reflects in their reality, creating the proof that they endure and the reactions of others. (Butterfly effect)

Last but not least let's acknowledge our blog title: "You're in the wrong place"- the wrong place starts with the wrong mindset (you control what that mindset looks like); for only you live within this experience, mind, and body. When it comes to physically moving out of the space that holds you back, starting with the mental allows you to see faster results and creates the entire shift a lot smoother.

Thanks for tuning in this week, ily ttyl- Ariiii:)

photo edited by me ;)


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